Immigration Evaluations


South Florida Counseling Agency (SFCA) has over 12 years of experience providing in depth mental health consultations and psychological evaluations for immigration purposes for clients in English, Spanish, and Portuguese by license professionals on a face to face basis and for those who cannot attend in person, we offer secure sessions via our HIPAA compliant online video conferencing system. 


Immigration evaluations include:


  • Psychological Evaluations for Asylum Seekers
  • VAWA Evaluations (Violence Against Women Act)
    • including domestic violence, spousal abuse and others.
  • Victims of Crime searching for a U Visa
  • Hardship Evaluations
  • Victims of Human Trafficking searching for a T Visa

We work in collaboration with our clients’ attorneys to provide immigration evaluations, which include in-depth assessment(s) relating to the mental health status of the immigrant as well as the US citizen(s) whom would be faced with hardship. This includes a review of the symptoms, any applicable diagnoses, and a thorough review of the outcomes of deportation across a spectrum of areas (economic, medical, community, etc.).

Our psychological evaluations are prepared by professionals who have experience with the unique requirements of the extreme hardship standards set forth by the USCIS.



SFCA offers immigration evaluations (for adults 18 years and older) for extreme hardship, survivors of domestic abuse (VAWA), U visas, asylum cases and more.

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