Muriell Hinds, LMHC, M-RAS

My name is Muriell and for over 10 years, I’ve provided individual, couples, groups, and family counseling services. I’ve worked in psycho-social rehabilitation centers, private practice, in school settings, and with US military families overseas. Throughout the years I’ve been helping clients address a wide range of problems such as substance abuse, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and many other life afflicting problems.

My passion for helping people has led me to explore and become trained in mindfulness techniques and became a certified hypnotherapist. I’ve been helping clients with mindfulness and hypnosis for over six years.

I practice from an empathetic and non-judgmental perspective. I avoid focusing on diagnosis or labels. I believe every client is unique and everyone has an innate ability to cope with life challenges. My job as your counselor is to help you uncover those unique abilities.

I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and currently working on my Italian. I was born in Nicaragua (beautiful country to visit if you get a chance) I lived for many years in Miami and in Europe. Yes, I like to float around the planet 🙂

The things that give me the most pleasure and satisfaction in life are helping people, traveling, a wise book, a good laugh, hiking, painting, and a good cup of coffee. And, I love photography!