Cathy DeSerio, BGS, ESE, ASDE.

Catherine DeSerio is a Florida Certified teacher with certifications in Kindergarten through 6th grade and Exceptional Student Education (ESE).  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University with an endorsement for working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASDE).

Cathy has served as a Broward County special needs teacher in an Autism Spectrum Special Program (ASSP). Currently, she is serving Broward County managing an Autism Special Program (ASP) as an Autism Coach.

Cathy has a passion for helping students with Developmental Delays (DD), Cognitive Disabilities (CD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) increasing academic abilities and positive behavior.

Using practices that are researched based along with strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis Cathy helps struggling learners to enjoy the learning process. She offers a hands-on approach to engage children.  She believes in supporting each student’s family as a whole to ensure that emotional and educational needs are met.  In her experience facilitating Autism parent support groups, Cathy has assisted parents in finding a safe place that offers comfort and insight.

As an educator, she believes that each child’s education should be customized and tailored to meet the student where they are. She encourages teamwork to assist each student in increasing their ability level.

Cathy is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance and enjoys practicing yoga. She also incorporates mindfulness-based strategies when working with students.

     “I am proud to be part of the South Florida Counseling Team and welcomes you and your children to participate in the following programs:”

      • One-to-one academic tutoring Pre-K Through 5th grade

Based on assessments and parent input the student will be given custom tutoring sessions. The sessions will be geared toward helping the student improve in reading, writing, math, study skills, vocabulary, and phonics.

      • Social and Behavior skills training

Social groups that work to improve upon emotional and sensory regulation, executive functioning, and social cognition, helping move students toward independent regulation and improved social relationships.

      • Behavioral Skills Training

Through practice, modeling, and positive reinforcement students are taught to display more socially acceptable behaviors at home, in school, and in the community.

      • Life Skills Training

Students are taught practical daily living skills, personal care, and personal safety.

      • Executive Function Training

A plan will be created to help students increase their in organizational strategies such as, plan the day, break down a task, and plan school responsibilities. These skills carry over to improve academic challenges that occur when students are asked to write, create projects, and study for tests.

      • IEP Parent Training and Advocacy

Services IEP Meetings, IEP Reviews, IEP Development, educational planning, parent teacher conferences, school observations, and monitoring of progress and school services.

For more information please call 954-370-8081